Prepare to Pray!!!

This is the dream Dana Coverstone had on July 10th.

Summary: A call to prayer for the entire month of September. There will be intense warfare like American Christians have never seen before. At the end of September, he saw Jesus standing with angels. Jesus spoke an important message. You need to watch the video to know what Jesus said.

Are these dreams real? I do not know for sure, obviously, but I think we need to consider them. I for one will be praying starting today and for as long as I have breath. Brothers and sisters we might very well see one another soon. Maranatha!

4 thoughts on “Prepare to Pray!!!

  1. Very good Sister Marcia! I’m with ya on this praying a marathon of prayer, yes Ma’am! Hard for any of us to be sure of anything being the Master’s bottom-line within all of the many things happening, but, indeed God is communicating with many of us faithful in this time of major crisis in some special ways! I know we are told to remain vigilant to the end, always holding our faith and hope in Jesus Christ that He is doing just what He said. Our Salvation is at hand while He leads us! ✝️ 🤗

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