One thought on “A Woman’s Vision of Trump and Biden

  1. Hi Sister Marcia! Yes I like this conversion and repentance of blind hate that she admits to and the part of the dream or vision when she filled with the Holy Spirit and she saw Biden with a serpent tongue is perfect, because I’ve always seen him as a very slick forked tongue devil from everything I’ve read or observed in media clips about him that I’ve seen showing the beginning of his career politician life to the present of all his wheeling and dealing or basically his being nothing more than a pack of hideous lies and that is totally the truth about him; I know it in my bones and heart! So, I’m glad more people are having revelation and awakening to God’s truth or graces He is sending out to His children. Let’s keep praying with all of our hearts and ask for mercy while we face the hardships ahead! Amen. ✝️

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