COVID Numbers Explained

I understand people are afraid. I have family members that are terrified. People who once tsk-tsked me for homeschooling have now decided to keep their kids home for the 2020-21 school year, out of anxiety over COVID. I sympathize with them, but their fears are completely unwarranted. The MSM and politicians have created a sort of mass hysteria.

Here is yet ANOTHER doctor trying to put this virus into perspective. May those who have ears, hear. ❤️

6 thoughts on “COVID Numbers Explained

      1. Stop relying on tunnel-visioned “experts.” Stop relying on computer models. And vote out of office all the little tinpot tyrants who’ve made this mess a great deal worse than it should have been.

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      2. I agree with all those things. I just wish more people would agree with it too. I grow very disheartened when I see otherwise intelligent people being brainwashed by the MSM and insisting on believing every word fed to them.


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