Scientists reduce belief in God by shutting down the brain’s medial frontal cortex

From PsyPost

“New research involving a psychologist from the University of York has revealed for the first time that both belief in God and prejudice towards immigrants can be reduced by directing magnetic energy into the brain.

Dr Keise Izuma collaborated with a team from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), to carry out an innovative experiment using transcranial magnetic stimulation, a safe way of temporarily shutting down specific regions of the brain.

The researchers targeted the posterior medial frontal cortex, a part of the brain located near the surface and roughly a few inches up from the forehead that is associated with detecting problems and triggering responses that address them.

In the study, half of the participants received a low-level “sham” procedure that did not affect their brains, and half received enough energy to lower activity in the target brain area. Next, all of the participants were first asked to think about death, and then were asked questions about their religious beliefs and their feelings about immigrants.

The findings, published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, reveal that people in whom the targeted brain region was temporarily shut down reported 32.8% less belief in God, angels, or heaven. They were also 28.5% more positive in their feelings toward an immigrant who criticised their country.

Dr Izuma, from the University’s Department of Psychology, said: “People often turn to ideology when they are confronted by problems. We wanted to find out whether a brain region that is linked with solving concrete problems, like deciding how to move one’s body to overcome an obstacle, is also involved in solving abstract problems addressed by ideology.”

This interest in the brain basis of ideology led the team to focus on religion and nationalism.

Dr Izuma added: “We decided to remind people of death because previous research has shown that people turn to religion for comfort in the face of death. As expected, we found that when we experimentally turned down the posterior medial frontal cortex, people were less inclined to reach for comforting religious ideas despite having been reminded of death.”


I can’t make this stuff up, folks. Do you see the connection I’m making? Whatever the mark of the beast may end up being, it could involve something like this. It’s possible.

16 thoughts on “Scientists reduce belief in God by shutting down the brain’s medial frontal cortex

  1. My thoughts on this is that if the person who is having their brain targeted is a real born again Christian that it won’t affect them because salvation is a “heart” issue. However, with the unsaved…that would be another story. Just my opinion.

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    1. That’s a good point…although even if someone were unsaved, surely God may know their heart, even if their brain had been altered in some way Rather like they say that people with mental difficulties/brian damage from birth or whatever, may not be held accountable in the same way? I don’t know…there is a lot of stuff we perhaps cannot be totally certain about.

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      1. But what about children whose parents allow it? I’m not pre-trib by the way so I’m not onboard with a pre-trib rapture. I used to be…. 🙂


  2. So many bizarre things happening at once and if that doesn’t send the message for people to get their minds right about Jesus nothing will! Whether it’s a another diversionary tactic or not the government is saying they have unearthly vehicle UFO evidence to release called Tic-Tac because of shape that descend from 60K feet to a few in just seconds behaving in ways that defy physics. Spiritual connection or demonic?
    On another note.

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    1. Yes I’ve been casually keeping an eye on the UFO phenomenon. I believe it will be part of the coming great deception. And yes, I believe they are demonic. The books I’ve read and videos I’ve watched interviewing abductees lead me to believe they are demonic.

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      1. Yes Marcia all wise observations you’ve made here past and recent. As we know many UFO phenomenon have been associated with demonic forces too, so something very important for us to keep aware of and discern is happening if the government is saying this at this point in time!
        Who knows perhaps major spiritual warfare is coming right up and something is being readied, or the Rapture is something that needs to be prepared; I don’t know. I know the things Pelosi says very recently after all of the evil lies and treason to remove president Trump from the picture are so blatantly wicked and demonic in my honest opinion, that things have never been this hot in the world and especially in our own Government seat of power! “The signs will be evident.”
        Evil Biden is welcoming Islam; the devil’s own who was proclaiming he is a Catholic now I guess that isn’t worth anything to him but appeasing and asking Islam to join him on his crusade of evil is.

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      2. Yes indeed Satan is the spirit of the air and these demons have supernatural powers which is why they defy known physical properties of material science. Further logical conjecture from cumulative analysis tells us if they were benevolent extraterrestrial beings from another galaxy or alternate universe they would have easily made contact of a close encounter of the third kind long ago because if there is a physical technology that enables humanoid like beings to travel the vast spans of space or inter-dimensional transitions then they would have had that ability for some time and ,certainly would have wanted to interact with us whether for benevolent or malevolent motivations. I feel quite confortable saying that isn’t the case or possible and the only thing that can address the laws of physics and be appearing in our plane of reality is spiritual beings with powerful supernatural forces at their deposal. These are nefarious diabolical beings that have been around and working on their ultimate plan of controlling and then destroying the human race bringing as many souls as they can to hell. But, because we have free will and God’s plan is in motion not theirs they have to act within certain parameters in order to get we humans to pull the trigger or bring on our demise though temptation and lust for power and that is going on big time now with CCP and our own Dem-On party working at a fever pitch to gain more control over all of us and the planet! Many officials are now demonically possessed, Pelosi, Schumer, Maxine, Biden, Killery, DeBlasio, Ted Wheeler in Portland and many others that if not outright possessed they are being directly influenced by demons. I believe that is why they are so irrational and defiant even in this culture of death some having a penchant and taste for destruction or death; not willing to even discuss reason and peaceful enterprises, like how this false pandemic was started then weaponized! Look at wicked Pelosi after all the criminal failed attempts even a soft coup d’ etat to destroy President Trump she remains wicked and set in her ways to destroy him and our Nation in the process even taking the side of evil Atheist China’s Communist Party with Biden; pure evil! And, she and Biden both proclaimed so many times over the years that they are Catholics which is obviously not true at all they are minions of Satan. This is the final ramping up to Armageddon for sure no doubt in my mind or more importantly my heart!

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  3. This kind of research could probably be used as evidence by atheists to ‘prove’ that religious belief and faith is all in the mind…a delusion. I watched an interesting documentary (not from the beginning unfortunately) where they tested some people’s brains, believers and atheists, and discovered that part of an unbelievers’ brains (perhaps it was just one atheist, I don’t remember) didn’t respond to certain stimulii. They tested Richard Dawkins, that arch-atheist, and the relevant bit of his brain wasn’t responsive. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the documentary or exact details.
    It does make me wonder if some people simply CANNOT believe because their brains aren’t wired that way. But God knows I suppose.

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    1. I’d be interested to know if they were born with this dysfunction or if it just somehow was “turned off” over time. I’m reminded of the verse about being turned over to a depraved mind. I’m not saying that’s what it is; it’s interesting.

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