COVID-19 No Vaccine Needed, There Is Already A Cure – NewsBlaze News

This article says a doctor in TX has been treating COVID patients with an inexpensive asthma medication with 100% positive results! Other countries in Asia have been using it too, such as Japan and Singapore, with fantastic results.

So why are they ignoring it and continuing to push for a vaccine? We can surmise why, can’t we?

Yugoslavian Issues Warning to Americans

I’m sharing this in an attempt to get people thinking.

I still do not fully trust Trump. We also need to keep in mind if it’s time for God’s judgement upon America and for the end times events to speed up, we cannot stop it.

No doubt judgement begins in the house of God and we Christians need to humble ourselves and repent of our role in this mess.

Not what I wanted to see

Got up at Dawn to pick beans and found the fish pond like this…..

The fountain had tipped over and drained out the water. Here’s praying the fish do not die.

On a happier note, a friend gave us some cucumbers and I was able to can 4 quarts of dill pickles.

There is now a shortage of canning supplies. I was thankful to find 24 jars with lids. I have jars already but no one has lids and Amazon is price gouging. Hopefully I will be able to locate some by the time we do a second picking of beans.