Friends in the United Kingdom!

Did you get one of these or is it false? A quick Google search says it’s false, but I thought I’d ask because it’s near impossible to know what is real nowadays and who is lying to cover up the truth. Though it seems like if it were real, ordinary people would be talking about it.

4 thoughts on “Friends in the United Kingdom!

  1. Well I am English and live in the UK and certainly haven’t heard about or seen anything like this. I’m pretty certain it would have been posted all over Facebook or other places if true.
    Having said that, who knows what may be in the pipeline for the future?

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  2. HOG WASH! Track the criminals and terrorists? Isn’t that already being done by our fine government law enforcement agencies here and abroad? I have a novel idea make all illegals or criminals get chipped in their bodies and leave the rest us LAW ABIDING FREE CITIZENS alone Boris!!! And if you don’t like my idea Boris you can kiss my ass!


  3. Yes, that is really what it comes down to! I spoke to a sister of mine and she said that too. We can’t be sure of these blips of information going around or even trusted sources a this time and all we really know for certain is to Trust in The Lord! That I dead about money going to Gates foundation may be misconstrued or even a twisted lie! At least I know I can trust Trump over any Democrat in the nation! And Trump is a great chess player so who knows if he lets out a bit of information that is part of a bigger plan to let the bad guys do themselves in its all way over our heads what the government is actually doing behind the scenes. Maranatha!

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