Yugoslavian Issues Warning to Americans

I’m sharing this in an attempt to get people thinking.

I still do not fully trust Trump. We also need to keep in mind if it’s time for God’s judgement upon America and for the end times events to speed up, we cannot stop it.

No doubt judgement begins in the house of God and we Christians need to humble ourselves and repent of our role in this mess.

5 thoughts on “Yugoslavian Issues Warning to Americans

  1. It’s funny you should say that! I’ve had a few tiny indicators that something might be amiss with Trump now too. Even simple things like his wearing facial diapers in public or in the White House, and he did put too much trust in Fauci and Birx who are not the greatest people at all, as they are in with Globalists too. Now this item came which looks like the coup de grâce, https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/trump-caves-directly-funds-bill-gates-global-alliance-vaccine-initiative-after-withdrawing-money-from-who/
    Even Chuck Woolery a great TV MC Game Host and Navy Vet who I starting following on Twitter because of his true Patriotism and Christian Conservative stance, just closed his account saying everyone is lying now! Not looking good at the moment now is it!

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      1. Yes, that is really what it comes down to! I spoke to a sister of mine and she said that too. We can’t be sure of these blips of information going around or even trusted sources at this time and all we really know for certain is to Trust in The Lord! That I dead about money going to Gates foundation may be misconstrued or even a twisted lie! At least I know I can trust Trump over any Democrat in the nation! And Trump is a great chess player so who knows if he lets out a bit of information that is part of a bigger plan to let the bad guys do themselves in its all way over our heads what the government is actually doing behind the scenes. Maranatha!


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