What Does the Government Know About Coming Disasters?

If you have been following Dana Coverstone’s dreams, you know they have warned us about the rest of the year. In his second dream, he described mass destruction, chaos, UN, Chinese and Russian soldiers on American soil, and an empty White House. Other dreams were directed specifically to Christians. We were called to pray as never before: intense spiritual warfare is on the horizon.

A subscriber to my YouTube channel recommended this video to me. You should notice a few parallels between what these men say and Dana’s dreams. A quick summary of this video: they have been told by government sources that natural disasters in the form of hundreds of asteroid-like things will strike the earth causing major destruction primarily in America. There is also talk of “them” already making plans to move the US capital to Colorado Springs, in the event such things happen. The video says we should know by September. Remember Dana was told to pray in September. Of course I do not know if any of this is true and will happen, but it is certainly something to be aware of and to take to the Lord.