Back to School? Are You Sure?

I have to wonder about the passel of alleged conservative commentators who keep saying “We’ve got to send the children back to school! Got to!” Even if they have to do all kinds of awkward things to keep the kiddies Safe from the Wuhan Communist Death Virus. Come September–only six weeks away–we’ve gotta re-open the […]

Back to School? Are You Sure?

A Revisitation of Dreams/Visions Concerning America — My Dreams and Visions

The dreams I list below are from years back, the oldest one being 11 years old. At the time of these dreams nothing like what has happening currently was going on. These dreams should serve as a call to repent as believers and seek the Lord and not an, “Im glad to finally see America […]

A Revisitation of Dreams/Visions Concerning America — My Dreams and Visions

Take the above linked dreams to the Lord in prayer. There is no need for a Christian to be afraid, but we must be prepared for whatever comes. It’s so important for us to dwell within the secret place of Psalm 91, taking all things to the Lord, seeking His wisdom and laying our burdens at His feet.