One thought on “The Rapture May Be Closer Than We Think

  1. Yes Marcia… the lady seems sincere but for me the biggest take away from all she had to say is “obedience” being vital now more than ever because even though nobody will know the final hour which will come suddenly being prepared at all times is essential to being saved. Just minutes before I watched this woman speaking about her dream in the video you provided I had to leave this message in response to a comment on my last article which I really want to share with you. I think it relates in several ways and hope it helps you and anyone interested.
    “True but I know just like it wasn’t too late for Dismus hung up on a cross with the benefit of God Almighty nailed to the one next to him he had a last minute pardon from the Governor in a sense, a stay of execution, of his immortal soul; but God made sure that whole monumental event the Greatest Story for mankind ever told went down the way it did to illustrate that there is hope, but, it takes the honest desire genuine effort to go straight and be right with God by the sinner; without that, just like Scriptures say about the overly rich man getting through the pearly gates would be “like passing a camel through the eyes of a needle.” But, I see this takeover of many of the devils minions along with willing multitudes of lost souls who are lusting for the culture (secularism) that brings only death, the eternal one; as in separation from God and His kingdom eternally. They are throwing their own souls into hell!”
    Actually Marcia here is a second one that I wrote moments before the one I just listed, which I feel has some relevance and I hope I’m right.
    “Oh I’ve been persevering, had to fight the whole damn corrupt system on my own with no one willing to roll up their sleeves and fight with me when I was attacked by the same system I worked to preserve all of my adult life but found it was polluted and rigged with very nefarious persons not unlike what the Middle Ages were like in some ways with a King and dukes and earls along with all of the ruling nobles that could do as they please but crush anyone they decided was a threat to their power. The only reason I got through all the being my own lawyer and out thinking all of them was God made sure I had a couple of the right people in key places or facilitate the need for them to work with me as I battled for years in that nightmare. The stress level alone was enough to give a person a stroke but somehow I’m still able to walk talk and chew bubble gum all at the same time. Must be God has something in mind for me to complete for Him or I would be gone several times already. There was a time in Chicago when I was a very young man on foot hitching to Minnesota which is nothing like it was back then compared to now as we all know from the news coverage lately! In the late to wee hours I was about to walk through a dark tunnel alone but God made sure I stopped dead in my tracks or I would have been dead before I got to the other side of that tunnel. There are reasons some very good ones why I tell people to get their minds right or won’t take their guff because I know from whence I speak that they are inviting calamity and ruin with some pretty stupid ideas or so much arrogance they need to be slapped upside the head to wake up. Not my job, but, I do try to warn people seeing as how I have this medium to say what I mean and mean what I say; here people can gain from what is said from experience or they can ignore; their choice! The old adage comes to me that my Dad or a couple of uncles would tell me; “Wise Up!” Another that just popped in my head which is way before my youth or was even way before I was born, but, think I know why it came to mind is, “Shiver me Timbers;” and that is related to that tunnel and what stopped me from a horrible fate.”
    Well that’s it for now and should be right; so much in one comment! Thanks for the interesting accounting of God speaking to this lady and what she felt happened. Amen.
    God bless! 🙏 🕊✝️🕊 🙏

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