3 thoughts on “Lukewarm Christians You Need to Decide

  1. Hi Marcia! Yes I do agree on the need for lukewarm folks to Wise-Up time is running out, and besides what kind of way is that to worship our Father in heaven! Sort of like saying yea I dig it and I’m with ya Lordie, but, I have a few things to do for a while so I’ll check in when I can; works for me hope it does for you too oh heavenly Father Master of all! Sort of hedging their bets on; if it’s true and God is for real I have it covered but if not and it’s a big fat lie then I didn’t waste too much time with this getting religion thing and make an ass of myself! That isn’t Faith and certainly isn’t a demonstration of Belief and Love of our Divine Creator who made it simple and sent Jesus Christ, Himself as the true stop gap measure, the salvation, that should fill the deep chasm between choosing heaven or hell, which really when we come down to it is the real choice of wanting either eternal life with God in His eternal kingdom or to do our own thing and just take the only other choice there is which is eternal separation from Him and be in damnation forever! Should be a no brainer but way too many people can’t see the simplicity in this dilemma we face being just little ole fragile human pups with no real power, although so many think they have it, but, are going to be shit out of luck one day when their last dying breath is being drawn and it will be way too late! It is sad to me how so many people can be so cavalier about it all! 🙏 🕊✝️🕊 🙏

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  2. Here’s a dream from 6 years ago that speaks to this.

    I had a dream 09/21/2014 just before waking. In the dream I could see Jesus, from the neck down, seated on His throne in the City of God in Heaven. He was moved over to one side of His throne so that room had been made for someone else to join Him.
    To the one who is victorious, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne, just as I was victorious and sat down with my Father on his throne. (Rev 3:21)
    The Lord said to me in the dream that I must overcome, I know, however, that this is spoken to more than just me.  The road is about to get really bumpy and if we are to overcome we must keep our eyes on Him. This promise is given to a lukewarm church, influenced by the wealth of the world and one that is highly opinionated. The very name, “Laodicea”, comes from 2 Greek words Laos meaning people and where we get our English word laity from and diocea which means opinion or judgement. The 2 words together means judgment of the people or peoples opinions.  We have over 35,000 denominations today based on peoples personal opinions and interpretation of Scripture. Jesus sees one church, Laodicea. He stands at the door and knocks waiting to be allowed into His church.

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