MK Ultra-End Game

Ok, so when one mentions MK Ultra and a nefarious agenda by secret elites to “take over the world”, many people think that person is woo-woo.  Christians should not be so quick to dismiss these claims, not if we believe the Bible. God, in His Holy written Word, makes it clear that such a global system will exist in the very last days and it will be governed by a man of perdition.

The story told in this video is similar to others I have heard. Is the woman in this video telling the truth about being an MK minion? I don’t know, but her story is not unique and people much smarter and more capable than me have researched and reported similar claims.

Certainly we can see how current events could (and probably are) leading to a global government.

3 thoughts on “MK Ultra-End Game

  1. Hi Sister Marcia! I want to quote you here for an illustration of my general view.
    “nefarious agenda by secret elites to “take over the world”
    “His Holy written Word makes it clear that such a global system will exist in the very last days and it will be governed by a man of perdition.”
    I think we are no doubt in the appropriate time frame and so many signs or wonders have come and gone already that I’d had to be a real clucker to not read at least the basics of what is happening in the world now. In all fairness to chickens that I think are cute many of them are smarter than so many people these days! Liberals prove it time and again with their gibberish and behaviors always denying truth and facts that won’t support their twisted ideas or agenda. I can honestly say i have no problem calling them all out for what they are; heathen God rejecting, rebellious and in many instances evil doers. They choose to turn their backs on God and even spit at Him which tells us if they will do that to God what do you think they would do to us which they are already proving in many major cities!
    The reason I quoted your text was that it slapped me in the face as truth like a glass of ice cold water when I realized what you pointed out I know decades ago was coming and I had dreams or even a couple of revelations that remained with me privately all these years, but, back then as a very young fella I read the entire Bible for the first time from cover to cover and knew this horrendous time of battle was approaching fast and back then things weren’t looking so bad except for too much drugs around and music that got a little crazy the society looked pretty decent to me! But, I see the transition from then to now is night and day just like the gates of hell opened and spewed out a bunch of demons upon our somewhat disturbed culture to now bring on the upside down and inside out helter-skelter that I knew was coming back then, and, maybe in my lifetime, but, I didn’t really think so, I figured it must be still way off down the road and now I see it’s here at the front doorsteps ready to take over! All the pieces and players or demons are in the ready and nefariously are doing their secret planning hidden from light of day to unleash upon a confused and secular world of many minions with so many dazed and confused drop-outs! Some of those minions are in high places as we see daily by the parade of evil politicians who are gloating with power and corruption hat i never thought in my imagination would really be happening in America! Thanks God we have this blessed man Trump to deal with this mess because outside of his effort with other good people willing to take on this huge job we all are Plum Out of Luck and the big end is coming fast. I don’t think Trump or any delay will change what God already told us much happen but it may be some reprieve coming yet to save many more souls from the final battle which will be the end of all this and the final separating of the sheep and he goats!
    I just read a headline so didn’t get to find out the sorry but it said Webster’s Dictionary is changing the meaning of the world Racism because of one lady’s request? I thought a lot more went into and was applied in determining the meaning of a word than one person’s request! But, I guess I’m too old fashioned in my logical thinking with all this tearing down National or public monuments about actual history by a small group of wild banshees I guess a word change in a dictionary is the least of our concerns! I do know with all this, there are massive groups of people looking to De-God people’s minds of any such notion! Bill Gates RNA genome manipulation with his nefarious Vaccine research and patents, they already speak about how this can be achieved, so, he must certainly be worshiping something other than God the Creator; mmhmm, wonder who that might be, that SOB!

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