The Lord had to take me out behind the woodshed and give me a spanking.

Beautiful post by my dear friend.

Serve Him in the Waiting

I have been a bad person. I say often ” I’m not a good person, but I see I have been disobedient to God, and like any good parent, He wants me to stop being bad.

I was saying to somebody just lately, we judge ourselves by our intentions, we judge others by the consequences they cause.

I have repeated the offense that waylaid me in my youth. It boils down to getting to a “sweet spot” in my walk, then when things don’t go the way I thought they were headed on some item or issue, or relationship. Maybe I I start to look unkindly upon people around me when I recognize a bad attitude in them. I don’t think I am judging, but God is the one who defines what constitutes judging, and unless He reveals it to us we will be doing it and remain clueless of…

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