Netanyahu flies to Washington to sign historic peace deals with UAE and Bahrain | The Times of Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu departed for Washington just after midnight Sunday, to attend a Tuesday ceremony at the White House at which he will sign declarations of normalization and peace with senior ministers from the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

“On our way to bring peace in exchange for peace,” he tweeted moments before the aircraft took off.

One thought on “Netanyahu flies to Washington to sign historic peace deals with UAE and Bahrain | The Times of Israel

  1. Sister Marcia,
    Though we have seen such ugliness and evil running rampant as the Devil turned up the heat attempting to bring ruin upon mankind; we know that God is ever present in man’s affairs and never abandons the faithful and pure of heart! These are now indicators of such and to show the world there is a clear and decisive choice for all of us to make, will we work for peace and prosperity doing the will of God Almighty or will we be some of those who continually work against God’s plan before He the all-knowing and loving Supreme Being will close the final curtain and end all conflict once and for all. Judgment is coming swiftly but there is still time to reconcile and atone for our transgressions and it’s His loving will that all might be spared the final wrath upon Judgment Day! Let’s pray and spread the word that God in the name of Jesus Christ is calling out to all who will listen; this is your opportunity to come into the fold. Amen ✝️🕊💞🤗❤️🙏🙏
    Brother in Christ Jesus,


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