One thought on ““Pastor Dana Coverstone THE DATA DREAM – Oct 20, 2020 | The Biden Family”

  1. Hi Marcia…interesting dreams that do show the increase of revelatory events are coming just as the Scriptures tell us as he world nears the End Time many of the faithful would have dreams and visions. I was jolted yesterday when Dr. Pat Robertson of the CBN broadcast got extremely specific in his interpretations of culminating world events and his revelations. He did say that President Trump would win the election but that two attempts would be made to take his life! He said that over the next few years Iran and Turkey would start a war with Israel and massive world peace with much cooperation following was going to occur over the decade but very interesting was how he said an asteroid is going to hit the earth and the whole planet would be in a blanket of darkness and tribulation would be upon all the people at which time Jesus would return to take His children. I’m leaving out most of what he said; I plan on watching it again to get all the detail memorized and will be watching for more insights from everyone of good faith in Christ who has dreams and even visions to continue processing all of what is going on in the world during this period of the ramping up setting the stage for the final opportunity for the earth’s people to awaken to Jesus and believe in Him! 🙏🕊✝️🕊🙏 💞🤗

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