“The Franklin Dream – November 16, 2020” Dana Coverstone

While the Lincoln Dream made me ill, this one offers hope! It may also give some insight to the purpose and results of the judgement that is to come.

Olive oil is achieved only when the olives are crushed. Oil is often symbolic of the Holy Spirit. It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit produces diamonds among His people in America that drips into the world at large. Perhaps God, in His great mercy, is giving us one last opportunity to fulfill the great commission before the Tribulation.

“The Lincoln Dream – November 9, 2020” Dana Coverstone

Forgive me for being graphic, but this dream just posted by Dana Coverstone made me want to throw up.

Somehow we think if/when Trump has a second term all will be well. The message I received on November 3 said “Even though Trump will win, judgement will still come”. Will this judgement be soon, or will it be after Trump’s second term? Or mid-term? I do not know. If my message was indeed from the Lord, He also said He will “plug the flood of evil that is the Democratic Party”. A plug can be removed, though. He didn’t say He will eradicate it, just plug it.

As with everything, take it to the Lord.