2 thoughts on “Pfizer CEO Not Certain COVID Shot Prevents Transmission

  1. No surprise, they are purposely disseminating contradictory statements about it. That is calculated to make folks doubt their own mind, ramp up anxiety, and make people desperate for ” someone to tell them what to do”. Perfect setup. I really think it is an early start on population reduction as they give it to the elderly first.

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  2. I believe they are full of crap saying its got a 95% efficacy rate in some media campaigns I’ve read too and the vaccine is totally chock full of ugly things too; not meant to help you live but to die! I’d like to see all the major shareholders and executive officers of Pfizer or other front runner companies take the vaccine and give it to all their family members out of a batch that was about to be injected in citizens! That is a bet I could make and never lose; they would never take it! ♥️♥️♥️

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