A Weird Dream

I had a very weird dream on Christmas eve/early Christmas morning. I am not saying it is from the Lord or prophetic in any way; it was just weird and I want to document it here.

In my dream I am seated inside a stadium or an auditorium of some kind and I notice that the First Lady is in the row in front of me. Whomever we were listening to stopped talking and we all got up to leave. I got the attention of the First Lady and was complimenting her. The scene then changed to where we were once again seated in some sort of stadium and I was sitting beside the First Lady feeling proud and tickled about my new BFF. (Haha.) Then suddenly, the Democratic candidate for President was there walking about erratically. He walked into a wall and knocked himself out. I rushed over to him and knelt down over him. I remember thinking, why is no one stopping me? There were people all around us but no one pulled me away from this man. His appearance kept changing from looking like the Democratic candidate for President to a certain high-profile health official whom no one had even heard of before the year 2020. (I am intentionally leaving out names, but think JB and AF.) Anyway, this man peaked through his eyelids, saw me, then closed them tight again and somehow I knew he was faking being hurt. I exclaimed to everyone he is faking it! The crowd around me became very angry that I was calling this man out as faking it. I began to flee and they began to chase me. The scene changed again and I was doing something I can’t remember, but that same crowd showed up and started to chase me again. As I was running I was hit in the back with something that knocked me flat on my face. I was able to turn over onto my back but then I could not get up. I was somehow frozen or made immobile. The crowd surrounded me and began restraining me and somehow I knew they were going to burn me alive. I remember praying, “Jesus, please don’t let me feel it.” The dream ended.

The dream is weird for obvious reasons but also because I have not spent much time thinking about the key people within the dream. While I admire our current first lady and think she is lovely, I have certainly never fantasized about being her friend. Granted, I have asked the Lord to help me understand what is going on with the election. I am certain there are nefarious shenanigans surrounding both the election and the Virus. I do not usually have dreams like this and when I woke up I considered writing it down, but to be honest I was just too sleepy. Thankfully I’ve been able to recall most of it, although I really don’t know if it’s necessary for me to remember it. Still, I am documenting it here. Comments/thoughts are welcomed.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas. As of this writing, it is 11 pm on Christmas night and we have no cell service here in central KY, allegedly due to the explosion in Nashville which occurred early Christmas morning and took out an AT&T hub. That is 4 hours away from us, but…..here we are. Thankful for Wi-Fi.