Spiritual discernment is crucial

I just had to jump on here and make a very vague statement. The possible events that may be coming look good as far as justice and freedom, but I am concerned about the long-term implications. If what the anons are saying comes to pass, there may be global and social programs instituted down the road that ultimately lead to the beast system. I don’t know this for a fact of course but I have a check in my spirit. Spiritual discernment is crucial. We must remember our first love and look only to Jesus and not get caught up in, or put our faith in, any man or political platform or any such thing. God bless and protect you and Maranatha!

3 thoughts on “Spiritual discernment is crucial

  1. The beast system is already here. All that is left is the ” great reset” which will light it up. They have digital currency, they have crippled the economy, the Pope has joined with Islam and Judiasm and have been working together a couple of years now for the “Abrahamic faiths.” If Biden stays in, he or whomever is going to be the puppeteer will make us subservient to the U.N. They won’t take any chances, they will move very fast getting the rest of America as messed up as Detroit, Chicago, parts of Calif. I hold on to maybe .001% hope that there will be a last minute save. Not zero, but close to zero likelihood in my opinion. This professor will likely be out of a job by end of week. But it is awesome that he is speaking truth about this on a campus. There are videos everywhere that totally debunk the MSM narrative which is why Twitter, FB, Parler are purging conservatives by the millions.

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