4 thoughts on ““The Plumb Line Dream – January 9-10 2021”

  1. I saw this Marcia and it serves as a confirmation of a dream I had 6 years ago.

    I had a dream/vision 12/31/2014. I could not think of any other name for this dream but what I wrote. In the dream I was standing before the Lord and there was a man or angel standing beside Him. The man and/or angel had a basket in his hand with many scrolls in it. He began taking the scrolls out of the basket and placing them in my mouth for me to eat. This is not usually the norm from what I have read in scripture being that the scroll is usually given to the  individual and he/she puts it in their mouths. I found out the reason why was because I looked at my hands and they were dirty and therefore I could not have handled the scrolls with them. I then had 2 large pieces of burning coals placed in both hands and then I was told, “go”. In the next part of this dream I was standing in front of a church building and I saw a person, presumably me, standing in front of the church building with a scroll unfolded and I was speaking to the building. I then saw 2 hands grasp the building on either side of it, lift it off of its foundation, and turn the building sideways so that the doors of the building would naturally swing open. I then saw these hands begin to shake the building called church like one would shake a piggy bank when there was money in it that they could not get out except in this instance, I saw people falling out. It is interesting to note that when the building called church was lifted up by these 2 hands, the foundation was exposed for all to see. I do not suppose that those shaken out of the building would be returning to it again.
    It is interesting that I would have such a dream on the last day of the year of 2014
    I am adding to this posting a vision I saw this morning.
    I again saw scrolls only this time I was holding them in my arms. There were so many of them I couldn’t hold them all.

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