January 25, 2021 Dream-Grave Soaking

On Monday, January 25, 2021 I dreamed I was touring an exhibit. I could see DJT far ahead of me in line (though he does not immediately appear to be relevant to the dream).

Somehow I knew the exhibit was from China.

I approach a very strange scene on display. There were real dead bodies laid out. The bodies were partially encased in blocks of ice. Laying on top of each dead person was a live person, also partially encased within the same block of ice. The living person was laid out flat on top and face to face with a dead person. I asked, “What is this?” I was told (by whom I don’t recall, just a faceless person within my dream) the living person will remain that way for a week. The purpose is to soak up the remaining essence of the dead person, their talents, spirit, etc. Naturally, I was aghast.

At first I thought it was just a strange dream, but as I was recalling it to my dad, Holy Spirit reminded me of something I heard about a few years ago. It is called grave soaking. Got Questions has a good explanation of this practice. Put simply, it is when someone will lay across the grave of a famous person hoping to absorb any leftover anointing. It is practiced within some charismatic and “word of faith” Christian sects. For example, someone may lay across the grave of C.S. Lewis in hopes of absorbing his anointing.

Forgive my bluntness, but it is a ridiculous and ghastly practice. The Holy Spirit gives giftings to whom He pleases. The idea that the Holy Spirit’s work is derailed upon the death of His anointed is not only absurd, but perhaps even blasphemous. He is not “trapped” inside a dead body waiting for a new person to dwell. Yes, I know the story of Elijah and Elisha. I know the story found in 2 Kings 13 about the dead man coming to life after touching the bones of Elisha. This is not the same thing.

The Holy Spirit is free to whosoever calls upon the name of Jesus, who confesses, believes, and is born again into Christ. He gifts each believer with giftings as He sees fit. No amount of laying on a deceased brother’s grave is going to thrawt, or empower, His purpose for your life. If you want to preach like Jonathan Edwards, ask Him! If you want to write like Lewis, ask Him! Don’t go laying on people’s graves. Such practices are mysticism and akin to witchcraft.

(Note: I have no idea why I understood the exhibit to be from China, nor why I saw DJT.)

Image from: https://deliverancefromdemonsinjesusname.files.wordpress.com/2018/05/gravesuckingohmy.jpg?w=900