The Great Deception

You may recall I have recently said I believe the Q movement will morph into the beast system. I also suspect the deep state is actually the whore of Babylon/mystery Babylon. I made these assertions based purely on some patriot/Q/great awakening channels I follow on Telegram. The chatter on these channels and the podcasters who share information talk a lot about the great awakening which coincides with the disclosure/exposure of the deep state and all of its nefarious characters and evil doings. I also said on the superficial surface it looks like a good idea. After all, who doesn’t want to thrawt communism? Who doesn’t want to end human trafficking? Who doesn’t want to free the world from the chains of deception that have kept the masses sliding deeper into darkness and losing their freedoms? The process behind this full disclosure and dismantling of the deep state is referred to as “the great awakening”. This is when the asleep/deceived masses are “red-pilled”- a reference to The Matrix movie-and people become aware of the true reality of the world and that they’ve been deceived their whole lives.

The problem is, the great awakening SCREAMS new age deception. It speaks of light and freedom, but it is completely devoid of Jesus Christ. Without Jesus there is no truth, therefore it is just another lie used by satan to deceive, enslave and devour the masses. It is satan masquerading as an angel of light.

I believe it will be the great delusion to which those who reject the Truth will be given over. Any decent person can easily see the evils of the deep state and reject it. Ah, but the great awakening will be viewed as the champion which defeated the world’s evil. They will talk about mankind ascending to a higher consciousness which brings in peace, love, and unity. And let’s not forget, this movement will also disclose the “alien presence”.

But don’t take my word for it. I was not at all surprised to learn that I am not the only one who has seen this coming. In fact I’m kind of late to the game, so to speak. Brother JD Farag gave a Prophecy update concerning this very thing in July of 2020. Hat tip to ST Lloyd for sending me Brother JD’s video. I will share the video below. Upon further digging, I found several articles by other Christians discussing this very thing. It is not at all surprising, for the Holy Spirit does provide discernment. However we know the beast system, or the man of perdition, will perform signs and wonders that could deceive even the very elect if possible. The elect could not be deceived by blatant evil so the enemy must masquerade as an angel of light.

Since this great awakening could so very easily be the Antichrist system in the near future we must consider two things: 1. Everything the Q movement says will happen, such as the dismantling of the deep state, will indeed come to pass and 2. How much closer then is the rapture of the bride of Christ? The rapture has always been imminent and it remains so, but to see everything lining up should have us looking up even more.

As brother JD quotes in his video, the great awakening system will even have an explanation for the rapture. I still think they will include in this explanation that all of the closed-minded Christians were taken by aliens to be reprogrammed or re-educated. I also suspect the two witnesses will be declared to be evil aliens. This is just speculation obviously. Oh, and since Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet and the number 17 is often used in Q-speak as code, it’s interesting to note that Revelation 17 talks about Babylon and the Beast. Coincidence?

For now, Q is an alleged military operation which will bring down the deep state. Most of the anons who follow it do so for that purpose alone. However, my time among them reading their posts, listening to their podcasts/videos, has been enough for me to see how the great awakening idea could quickly become the spiritual/religious aspect. Some of them gush over the future GESARA in such a euphoric way it’s sickening.

Here is a meme created by a man named Champ Parinya. He lays it all out in this, what he calls, artwork.

So where does this leave Trump? Many, if not all, of the anons who follow Q say that Trump will be reinstalled as President once the deep state is arrested and dismantled. Obviously I do not know for sure Trump’s role in the future of this movement as it pertains to the Beast system. I can tell you one night last fall, while praying, I had a brief vision of Trump riding the back of a red dragon. This was before I began following the Q movement. I was troubled by the vision because of its obvious implication. Now I cannot say this for certain, but I do not believe at this moment that Trump has anything to do with the coming Beast system. The forces behind it are using him to put things into motion. But we know ultimately God is using all of it to fulfill His plans. Personally, at this time I think we are headed for an intermission of sorts. A period of time between the deep state and the Antichrist system. Personally, I believe God will use a short period of time after the veil of deception placed by the deep state is removed from people’s eyes, for them to seek the truth that is Jesus Christ. Then the restrainer will be removed and end time events will proceed, or culminate.

Join me in taking all of these things to the Lord.

Here is an interesting article you may want to read, and take time to watch the video below. If you do not want to watch the entire thing skip forward to about 38 minutes.

May the Lord bless you and keep you and may the Holy Spirit direct your steps. Maranatha!