In the past week or so…..

We have seen a few Redditor Patriots make Wall Street cry; Facebook et al has admitted that HCQ is a viable treatment for covid (after ridiculing Trump for suggesting as much a few months ago); Arizona Senate has decided to investigate election fraud; Myanmar’s government has been toppled due to suspicion of election fraud (said government with ties to HRC, I might add); the White House goes dark nearly every night; more troops are being sent to DC in anticipation of civil disturbances although if you watch man-on-the- street reporting videos as well as the live cams at the Capitol and White House, DC looks akin to a ghost town; and there are talks of recalling Governor Newsom; and a big wig at the Lincoln Project has been exposed as a groomer/pedophile; Fauci suggested Americans wear two masks only to rescind that recommendation a few days later saying that two masks will not make a difference; oh and let us not forget that protests and riots have broken out throughout Europe; Have I left out anything?

One thought on “In the past week or so…..

  1. Yes indeed these are still just some of the highlights of a civilization on the brink of massive calamity! I believe it will get worse but not all things are as they appear; we the general public are kept in the dark about many things and rightfully so; but massive change is coming and whether the light prevails quickly, or only after some horrific turmoil; remains to be seen. It is possible that more military presence is going to be a reinforcement of a dictator; or the flushing of the giant toilet we call the Washington, D.C. Swamp! I’m praying hard for the latter and the sooner the better. If that doesn’t happen, then we are in for a really hard ride and rough road ahead; like nothing we’ve ever witnessed in our generation!

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