Tackling Human Trafficking in Myanmar


Notice it says a percentage of the women are trafficked for the purpose of birthing babies. What do you think those babies are used for? You don’t want to know, but you should know. We MUST know, and once you know you will not be able to continue in your petty grievances and “first world problems”. I haven’t been able to. Perhaps soon, the world will know.

One thought on “Tackling Human Trafficking in Myanmar

  1. Diabolical evil is running rampant throughout the world and we see how much America has changed for the worst! We I believe are not doing our individual duty, when most sit idly by and watch the civilization decay into a cauldron of sin, suffering and evil! Too many have just turned a blind eye for far too long so here we are! It’s called “passing the buck “and like Harry Truman said many decades ago; “the Buck stops here!” Too many forgot or never learned what he meant!

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