6 thoughts on “Unmasked: Has the truth about the 2020 election been uncovered?

  1. Good report Marcia, and of course there has been enough information and first hand data acquired to indicate fraud but moreover that the election end result was shifted from Trump to Biden and an actual fixed election did in fact occur! We have an illegitimate crazy man in the White House as POTUS and this is a first I’m pretty certain which on is face indicates a most diabolical agenda is in place! What does God intend to do about all of this remains to be seen butt my solemn hope and prayer is that all truth will be revealed and all culpable persons with any crimes will be apprehended, prosecuted and locked away for good! This is absolutely disgusting but it is frightening too to be quite honest! I never thought that such evil would be in plain sight in America in my lifetime. God bless you and yours. Amen.

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      1. That’s the first I heard of this dilemma you mention. Any followers I have should see it fine as I see theirs? I have gotten notices like yours and other bloggers I follow and who follow me in my email and Instant Message cue too. I still will look into this question more and will get back to you as soon as I know anything.


      2. Hi Marcia…so far things seem OK with how my blog is set to private and we follow each other as always. I did go to Reader and in the search box I entered in your blog site trying both amomlookingup and marciasettles but no listings appeared as they normally would? This still could be some anomaly that occurred when I changed my account for the time being to private; but I’m going to mess around with my options to see if I can find an unresolved issue and maybe write to Word Press Admin. if necessary. Let me know of anything odd or whether you are experiencing technical difficulties of any kind on Word Press.
        Take care and thank you for the heads up about this!
        Have a very nice afternoon and evening!

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      3. Hi Marcia! I’m very sorry for any mix-up and I’m sure it was caused by me. But, please let me know if you have no difficulty now looking up my site; because just now after my writing and sending a long comment on another site I saw this notice come up about your liking my comment I made on your article.
        As I looked at the notice I saw right under your site name and photo a click on tab to follow which should only be like that if I’m not following a site I’m looking at; but in all the recent articles on your site that I commented on I saw on those pages the indicator in blue on the right side of the page each time, that I’m following this site! I think when I changed my account making it private something went haywire a bit but I did remove some sites too; so maybe some inadvertent clicks I made messed things up for our connection!
        Either way I hope this solves the difficulty and I’ll keep an eye on everything to be sure things stay on track! Thank you for your understanding and patience!
        God bless!

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