This is what happens when I try to go to your site ……in order…..

Not sure what’s going on. It may be on my end, but I don’t know what is wrong therefore I don’t know how to fix it. Every time I log in it just takes me back to that same private message.

If anybody has any ideas as to what is happening here and how I can fix it please let me know. Thanks

3 thoughts on “Lawrence

  1. Flush the cache in your WordPress app, sign out and sign back into WordPress. Make sure your auto updates are in fact updating. I have some links to my blog for accessing it online, but also have and use the app. When I am signed into the app, and click the ison to pull up the site online, it does something similar. Being signed in on the app apparently doesn’t matter to the page pulled up in the browser. It’s just weird. Sometimes it’s an issue on WordPress’ part and will disappear when they fix it on their end. Hopefully something in there helps. Do you actually have 82 tabs open at one time? That could be a problem too.

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