4 thoughts on ““RAPTURE DREAM: MOUNTAIN TOP RAPTURE! Vivid Dream Moment of #Rapture

  1. Wow! That is pretty detailed, but it seems to comport with scripture principals all through. The water is common in so many of these testimonies. Which is interesting considering the New Agers believe we are entering the age of aquarius. The testimony at the end, about the lady who prayed with her, sounds very similar to when I received my call to be a watchman. And that, too was in a home church. The Lord is still teaching me, as He is you, and I have had or seen some experience that seems supernatural, but couldn’t be sure it was from God. My experience that night in the house church, though, I have never doubted. I was at a juncture in my life, with my chronic medical problems, trying to find answers, and was near to the end of my rope. We also could not find a good Bible believing church, or if we did, there would be some rift or split, or go apostate,which was disillusioning and confusing to say the least. Months before that house church experience, I got out my Bible and notebooks and I said ” Lord, I am putting everything I ever believed right here on this table. I need You to examine it with me and show me by YOUR Spirit and this Book, what is true, and what is not. It went on several months. I was also praying and fasting because that is how serious I was. When I went to that home church meeting, I was still seeking the Lord about what He really says, and what being a Christian is supposed to look like. My whole heart was in it. So the lady I came with as a guest, had this homeless lady staying with her family. The homeless lady never said anything, and sat with her arms folded and chin-to-chest, no eye contact. My friend had told me she was pretty odd, but that she believed being homeless and speaking to people about God, was her God given calling. Well, when it came time to pray, the man leading the meeting asked for prayer requests, and I raised my hand and spoke briefly about the quest I was on, and trying to understand “why things are the way they are.” The man started talking. I couldn’t tell you now what he said to me, except that it answered some specific questions I had asked God privately, and it was so personal, it could ONLY be the Holy Spirit giving this man the words to say. It was so intense, so direct, specific and on target, that I became overwhelmed by what was happening and in my spirit I prayed, pleading with God ” please, I can’t take this, it is too much, I can’t endure it. Immediately, I was enveloped in something…a cloud? A mist?neither, really, but closest thing I know to describe it. The effect was it made what was happening and being spoken bearable, like I was now in protective bubble, insulated some. When he stopped speaking, the homeless lady suddenly became animated. She opened her eyes, looked at me, and asked me if I have read Habakkuk. She proceeded to quote chapter 2, verses 1-3 word for word by memory, and then went straight into Job 38: 1-11. As soon as she stopped talking, went the head, like pulling down a window shade. After having God examine my understanding of the Word, and study on prayer, and being in fasting and prayer, that word from the homeless lady spoke all of that, straight out of scripture and God soon put an unction in me to study prophecy. I was very sick when I started my blog, and at first it was focused in my writing, and encouragement and whatever I was studying at any given time. Then a whole bunch of hard things happened, my Dad died, my dearest neighbors, he died and she had to move, and then Garrett’s cancer. It hasn’t let up since then, and the spiritual battle is relentless, but God continues to grow me. If this lady got repeated dreams of the same thing, and very detailed, and it rings true, which it does, then I may need to take a look at pastor Dana’s videos again. There must always be 2 or more witnesses before we can believe it is from God. That is the standard set in scripture. Her dream would be one witness. The fact it aligns with what Scripture tells us, is the second witness, and the fact it was repeated counts as a third witness.

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    1. It is interesting you mentioned about being enveloped in a cloud or a mist of some kind like a bubble…… In the early morning hours of February 5th 2021 I had a dream that I was in my grandfather’s backyard. There was a lot of people whose faces I did not see I just knew that the yard was filled with people. the wind was very strong and it was pouring a torrential rain. In the dream I knelt on my knees with my arms stretched to heaven. And invisible shield enveloped me like like being enclosed in a bubble. I began speaking with a feeling of power and courage flooding me. I remember saying in a loud voice, Repent! Jesus Christ is Lord!

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