3 thoughts on “TN Republicans Introduce Bill Allowing Fathers to Block Abortions

    1. Very well put ST! So much has been made conflicted. There sure has been a stirring of the pot as it goes; causing so many tried and tested through the ages basic fundamental mores and simple human decency standards to be obliterated, in the name of getting its “my way or the highway” to be the new age mantra. Doing your own thing increased over the decades and morphed into outright callous recklessness between people. It’s obviously been truly detrimental to play with fire this way and it can’t go on indefinitely; and probably not much longer at this pace currently! Let us all pray devoutly for this legislation to be ratified and passed; so perhaps it will set a renewed standard by which others will follow! Amen.

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  1. “In Tennessee’s consideration of fathers”

    Bravo and blessings to all involved in this proper, just and humane thing to do, in putting the matter of procreation in the “proper perspective” for a change! To me it is clear as day that this is absolutely the “right thing” to do, especially now in an effort to counter the opposite mentality that has and is sweeping around the world within the disposable society mindset; which is abhorrently evil!

    First I go right to the heart of it and say try to imagine being in the place of a newly forming human being and soul that is alive and a “gift from God Almighty” Who is the Giver” of all life; as a precious miracle and gift of love to start with! But, from that perspective, as that new human being, if other humans were discussing ending your existence practically before you even got started, would you be good with that? Of course the baby would say, “please help me and save me; don’t hurt me or kill me, I want to live like you are doing, and I want to know you and love you; so will you please love me!” Any living being, even a rat tries to survive, and its not only the instinctual behavior, but also the excitement and joy of being alive, that’s driving our very beating hearts to cling to this amazing place of life and the living; in its magnificent multitudes and forms. “Only God giveth and only God can take away!” Then there is the man or daddy in this process, who the baby would want to know and call father, who in the disposable society, has been labeled as more of an inconvenience, and out of the loop as they say, because it really has nothing to do with him; it’s all about a woman, and her “right to choose,” “her life” that matters over all other considerations, including the baby’s or the daddy’s; they have somehow become more or less “nonexistent” in this scenario of human life in its earliest stages; just passing fleeting articles of inconvenience, likened to garments we all use and wear for today or until we have an urge to have some others on; maybe because these underwear one is wearing suddenly feel too tight or soiled, so why not just toss them off, and put on something that feels better, or even just right; after all its how I feel that matters over all other considerations! Yes; the “Me factor” kicks in loud and clear with far too many people in this world today, the selfish, do what pleases me for the time being, so who gives a care what anyone thinks; and to some thinking this way they mean even God! They forget others around them and far too often the other side of this procreation, but then too, they toss off God the Father, the Author of LIFE; like it’s nobody’s business! Is this what human beings have become; this rotten and self-focused to warrant the tossing aside of a precious brand new human life; along without any considerations as to what the man in the process thinks or needs? But then, superseding any of these simple enough human factors or concerns, to actually have the audacity and gall to tell God, who can give and take away anything, including our own lives that we “cling” to, but more importantly our “immortal souls,” and rather than ending up with an eternity of bliss and sheer joy of living in a heavenly kingdom forever without any fear or concern of being snuffed out; because the Father in heaven can give this gift of “eternal life” as He chooses, or He may decide that one soul or another just doesn’t belong and toss it off, like those undergarments; making them rags or virtually “useless items to be forgotten!”

    People, I’m a simple average Joe out in this huge chaotic rat race of a world that we have built up the way we choose, and in more cases than not today, followed not the road map of the Creator of all life, but rather influenced by the destroyer of everything good, that only comes from God; and that map of destruction or the one page of directions that only display the “highway to hell” that wide inviting road, is from none other than that father of all lies and destruction; the Devil.

    OK, so this average Joe is asking all of you “women and men” out there; are you going to be very careful in your behaviors from now on, and if or when you are in this procreation circumstance, will you take all things into consideration, and make this “precious gift” more about giving, and not put “self” above all other considerations? Will you please put God above all; and say to yourselves, “what does God the Father and Giver of all Life want or more specifically, expect me to do, think and say.” You and I know full well, He wants you to say, “let that innocent little child of mine live as it should, now that it has started;” for no matter what your circumstances, when it comes to one of these My “little ones;” “where there is a will, there is a way!” Amen.
    Lawrence Morra III

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