Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Explains Why Covid Injection ‘Shedding’ is So Concerning

I am amazed there are still people who will call this lady, this doctor, a conspiracy kook. I have to ask such people how they can be so confident in what the MSM tells them. I don’t know this doctor, but I also do know any of the so-called experts in the mainstream, so what is wrong with having a little bit of intellectual integrity and using caution? To me the very fact that they are trying so hard to push this on everybody is suspicious. One of the big arguments for the so-called pro-choice movement is “my body, my choice”, however this mantra does not seem to apply to the inoculation. They are not concerned about the murder of a human being, though in the womb, but they sure as heck tell you it is your moral civil duty to become inoculated to keep from spreading a virus that has a 99% recovery rate. And so many people just buy into it. It is simultaneously frustrating and disturbing.


9 thoughts on “Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Explains Why Covid Injection ‘Shedding’ is So Concerning

  1. She claims Covid vaccines are causing a “quantum entanglement” with “the Google credit scores and the dematrix” and you wonder why she is called a conspiracy kook? She barfs out pseudoscientific word salad. Please, by all means, go out in the real world, find a vaccinated person, and ask if you can stick a key to their face, since Tenpenny has stated as fact that vaccines magnetize you.


  2. Add me to the list of reactions. I am an unvaxxed postmenopausal female who came in close contact with a vaxxed male who recently(within the last 2 weeks) got his booster. I did not know this at the time. I started with a few drops of blood shortly after being around him and didn’t think anything of it. Well, this week, there is more. I already had a GYN checkup in the spring and was fine. So it has to be from being around the vaxxed. Also, all of my close friends are vaxxed.
    Another incident–my neighbor got her first shot–that afternoon, her cat which she has had for over 10 years, showed his teeth and tried to bite her. Never did that before. He has since been OK.

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    1. Just to clarify, I am not Dr Tenpenny. I am not a doctor at all. But I have heard several people talk about this and my general advice…. So long as you understand I am not a doctor and have no qualifications….. If it were me personally this is what I would do: drink pine needle tea and do a body mask with calcium bentonite clay. If you get the food grade play you can add a tiny bit to some water and drink it. Look up Dr Carrie Madej, I think she has some advice on how to protect yourself from the vaccinated. Dr zelenko may as well.


  3. Technically I think the word they use is transmission, instead of shedding. From what I understand in order for a vaccine to shed it must include a live virus but they claim the MRNA vaccines do not have a live virus. However others such as Judy Mikovitz talk about these vaccines transmitting. I am on the search for the truth as well and I’m trying to understand it.


  4. I have yet to see any information on shedding, yet it’s the headline at the top of this page.. I would greatly appreciate the info on shedding and how it harms the unvaccinated to be around the vaccinated.

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  5. Unfortunately, none of Dr. Tenpenny’s credentials suggest she has any professional qualifications to call into question the COVID vaccines’ effectiveness nor safety (DO, board certifications in emergency medicine, osteopathic manipulative medicine, and holistic medicine). One has to take much of what Dr. Tenpenny says and writes on faith. I come from a family with a multi-generational reach as far back as Andrew Taylor Still (my great-great-uncle was his student), but I don’t find Dr. Tenpenny convincing.


  6. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    Indeed Sister Marcia…Dr. Tenpenny explains this developing crisis within the crisis as I see it extremely well! Everything you said here is spot-on and completely valid as I reasoning these things out and seeking the Truth! This of course which you said was to me the “big red herring” staring me in the face, “One of the big arguments for the so-called pro-choice movement is “my body, my choice”, however this mantra does not seem to apply to the inoculation. They are not concerned about the murder of a human being, though in the womb, but they sure as heck tell you it is your moral civil duty to become inoculated to keep from spreading a virus that has a 99% recovery rate.”
    Look at that fact right there, and it screams at anyone looking at it, as Antichrist, totally 100% horrendous, blatant, and diabolical to me; like a giant Neon Sign in Las Vegas saying go along with this and you accept Satan!

    The Biden admiration as you know is planning with the Military to get out across the country to see us at our homes about taking the jab! That is so “bizarre,” for as the Dr. Tenpenny said barely a 1% fatality rate we’re talking here with this virus, yet these over the top measures are being planned? I know when I smell something fishy and this is a beached whale that was sitting on the hot beach for a month and is sticking to high heaven!

    Then let’s think here for a moment about your comment and how it grabbed me immediately but then consider this, how Biden which I just wrote about yesterday has appropriated like 19 times the funding that Obama provided for abortion services making Obama an Abortion King in America! But Biden’s gargantuan funding appropriation is in the neighborhood of $450 Billion US dollars for abortion wherever they can provide them; more slaughter of human life in the womb than is comprehensible, like a massive push from Satan to kill the innocent as I see this! Think about how many unborn innocent babies that amount of cash can execute in the womb, it is unreal and staggering to even contemplate!

    Yet we are supposed to believe that this Fraud, America’s Man of Perdition as I refer to him, the Puppet POTUS Biden who many even say it’s the far left who are his puppet masters, but I say no, it is Satan for sure. I have no doubt from all I’ve read and seen about that wicked grossly corrupted human a 48 year in house government criminal, because I see it as proof, truly being that he is indeed absolutely demonically influenced, and possibly at times possessed usurping the direct influence of Satan; just like the way Adolph Hitler was influenced in that way!

    So with these added factors we are supposed to think that he and his insane extreme radical left administration cares about any of us and want us to be safe? Give me a break! Not at all; but I will say the probability is extremely high as we have surmised and read over the last year this may very well be the “bioweapon” being deployed for “massive depopulation;” I see it as more than likely, and more of an obvious foregone conclusion now! Logically, what else could be going on here; NOTHING!

    I’ll leave it there for now with just two links to a couple of posting of mine today, that gets at this question a bit more of where is this madman steering this Nation and We the People. I see it and I’m sure you do too!

    Good to bring this forward, as the more we pray and share good knowledge the better! Because by doing so as we all move forward, the better able we will be in our objective of discerning as Jesus Christ is instructing us to; as we ask the Comforter to be there guiding us in our sincere efforts, to do our heavenly Father’s will. Amen.
    God bless you and yours.
    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III



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