AA and Rocket Dreams

A couple of months ago prophetic voice Amanda Grace had a dream. In the dream she saw an American airlines jet flying across the sky. Just then a non-descript green rocket takes off from the ground and up into the sky.

You can find her on YouTube; just do a search for Amanda Grace American Airlines dream and you will find her commentary on that. Her YouTube channel is entitled Ark of Grace.

Anyway, what is interesting is today my very own husband told me he had an interesting dream the other day. It was very short. He dreamed he saw planes flying in the sky as well as a rocket streaking across the sky. In his dream he had the thought, “I need to get home”. My sweet husband has heard me talk about Amanda Grace, but he does not listen to her for himself, nor did I ever tell him her dream. He is also not prone to remembering his dreams. He is just a simple guy who goes to work and comes home.

We need to pray about this matter as I take it very seriously. It is something we could pray away, or it could be a warning of something to come.

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