Fry Think about what that means in terms of deaths and infertility. God has the most uncanny way of turning people’s own evil intentions back upon themselves like rockets launched at Israel, Sennecharab’s army, the red sea, and plagues, oh and Haman. Why does anyone ever think they can “put one over” on almighty God?


Things that make you go hmmmmm….. It just might come back to bite them in the butt. It infuriates me that everyday people have been hoodwinked, possibly in such a tragic way. I don’t want to think that Trump deliberately did this knowing full well the possible tragic outcome….. But we are living in wicked days. I see people posting on Facebook trying to encourage people to get this inoculation. It is so frustrating. But I’ve learned to let it go, my frustration that is, because they have access to the same information I do. For whatever reason, they choose to ignore all of the warnings. It breaks my heart and I pray for those who truly thought they were doing a good thing, or that it really wasn’t a big deal, because our society has been conditioned to be so uncertain of what is true and what isn’t. Click the highlighted link above.

CDC Quietly Revokes RT-PCR Emergency Use Authorization Because They Counted Covid-19 and Influenza Together

Here’s a punch in the gut for a nation that’s already hurting. As it turns out, the so-called “gold standard” testing referenced by so many “doctors” like Anthony Fauci, as well as government officials across the board, has had its Emergency Use Authorization revoked.

The CDC announced, albeit quietly, on Wednesday that the RT-PCR tests used to tell millions of Americans they’re infected with Covid-19 has been unable to accurately differentiate between the various coronaviruses. Of particular note is the inability of these tests to know whether someone is infected with Covid-19 or influenza.

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