One thought on “Nazi-Like Markings, Bracelets For the Un-Vaxxed – No Longer ‘Conspiracy’ – NFL Begins Shaming

  1. Exactly and what I’ve said for some time hos all of this is just one of the plays of the Globalist’s to gain more control over every one of our lives and create the totalitarian framework! It’s already been attested to and demonstrated that vaccinated individuals are not protected from catching Covid and the likely to come multiple variants like the flu which will require annual injections to make sure they kill us!
    And they who are vaccinated can still transmit the virus just like the unvaccinated so who the hell is fooling who? They shove this malarkey in all of our faces knowing there is a segment of the population that will suck it all right up hook line and sinker, to me the dummy fishes and then set the stage for more confrontation between the masses which is all about divide and conquer! What I was driving at last year when I wrote Pandemic to Pandemonium. They have the races at each other’s throats again worse than it had been in decades, and now citizens will be looking at each other as outcasts and untouchables to denigrate and create excuses for more street violence! Then the inevitable martial law! Papers’ Please! Your Passport Sir!

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