Dr. Ryan Cole #stopthemandate

In the video below Dr. Cole outlines the truth about the jab, including its possible dangers. Simply put, we do not know what the jabs are going to do down the line. Dr. Cole also makes the point that the jabs were developed to fight last year’s virus, we are now in the delta and the jabs were not developed for this particular variant. We do not know what is going to happen once we are completely into the cold and flu season. It is very possible those vaccinated could become victims of antibody dependent enhancement and their own immune system will attack themselves once they are introduced to even the common cold.

On a personal note, my husband works for the local hospital and has been given until September 1st to take the jab or lose his job. He is applying for an exemption, but that may not be granted. He will not be taking this jab, so either his employer will rescind the mandate, or he will be without a job. Right now there are many of his coworkers who are refusing, but will it be enough for the medical corporation to rescind? We shall see. We ask for prayers concerning this matter, but you know the old saying: you’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything. There must be people to say, “No, we will not live in fear, and you can try to back me into a corner, but we will not relent.”

The video at the below link is quite informative and I recommend you watch. Be blessed and as always



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