VAXXED Patients’ Blood Examined, Horrific Findings Revealed by German Physicians!

I keep sharing these videos because we need to be informed. We aren’t receiving this information in the mainstream. These brave doctors who speak up have nothing to gain and everything to lose so we need to at least take the time to consider what they are saying. People who are being inoculated do not know what they are getting. And it would appear in some cases, perhaps most cases, not only are they misinformed or lacking in information but they are being flat out lied to. Doctors and health professionals who continue to push this jab without doing their due diligence are complicit in whatever harm comes to these people. Perhaps some feel threatened perhaps some feel as if their hands are tied because they have people that depend on them and depend on their income so perhaps they are just crossing their fingers and hoping for the best but is that really what we want in healthcare?

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