“All questions Covid with Dr. Al Johnson and Dr. Peter McCullough”

The below video gives a rather comprehensive look at covid with an emphasis on early treatment as well as what to do while recovering. Here is yet another doctor that says once you have covid your natural immune system, your natural antibodies, are strong enough to protect you in the future. He says the poke will not give you better protection, or any additional protection, than your natural antibodies.

First, I’d like to share a little bit of my family’s Covid story. Husband works in the ER, so he is exposed to all sorts of things. He got sick for approximately 2 days. His symptoms were feeling run down with some congestion. He treated himself at home with vitamin C, D3, zinc, and quercetin. 2 days, he was all better. Meanwhile my mom, sister, niece, and Dad all contracted covid at the same time. My niece is 7 and, although she tested positive, she had no symptoms except for one day of vomiting and that’s it. My mom had congestion and fatigue. She was put on antibiotics, a decongestant, Mucinex and over-the-counter pain relievers. There was one evening when her oxygen dropped and she went to the ER. They sent her home with an oxygen machine where she recovered at home and is now doing fine with the occasional fatigue and occasional need for oxygen, mostly at night while sleeping. My dad began with feeling run down and just sluggish and flu-like. After a few days of that he got tested and was positive and was sent home with a prescription of rest and ibuprofen. He did not get better and after several days his oxygen level dropped to the mid 80s so he went to the ER. He and my mom are both 64. My dad was admitted into the hospital and spent around 2 weeks on the Covid hall, on oxygen as well as medication. I know they gave him ivermectin as well as a steroid for inflammation and I’m not sure what else. My sister is 40. She also started off with fatigue and a fever which came and went. A few days after my dad was admitted to the hospital, she went to the ER where she was also admitted and put on oxygen. She was also treated with ivermectin, a steroid, and I think high doses of vitamin C. She spent 10 days in the hospital and is now recovering at home. My dad had to come home with a portable oxygen tank but she did not. Upon releasing my sister, her doctor told her to take vitamin C, D3, zinc, and prescribed her a steroid. Her follow-up appointment with her regular physician amounted to the same advice and he gave her another two weeks off work before they reassess her situation. My autistic 17-year-old daughter was with my parents and sister the weekend they tested positive, but once we learned of their diagnosis, we had her to drink pine needle tea as well as take elderberry, and she never showed any symptoms. She is homeschooled and has not been out in public as a precaution. My 11-year-old son has managed to avoid all of it, and he takes elderberry everyday and will occasionally drink pine needle tea. He too is homeschooled and has not been out in public as a precaution.

That brings us to me. Early in my mom and sister’s illness I assisted them by bringing in groceries and cleaning on the kitchen and the bathroom. After a few days of that I became congested and tired and I lost my smell. I treated myself at home with vitamin C in the form of elderberry, pine needle tea, and my citrus tonic. I also took vitamin D3, zinc, and quercetin. I took ibuprofen or Tylenol for any body aches and the one time I had a fever. I also took Mucinex for the congestion, and an antibiotic. My oxygen levels never dropped and remained in the upper 90s. Keep in mind, unlike my parents and sister, my husband and I have been building up our natural immune systems since February of 2020. For that span of time we have taken elderberry as well as D3 and zinc and quercetin. Since my husband works in the ER we have to be very proactive and take preventative measures. Although his hospital has mandated the poke, my husband has received a religious exemption and will not be getting it. Neither will I. While I never went to get tested, common sense suggests that I had a mild case of it, considering I cared for my mom and sister briefly as well as my symptoms and loss of smell. Therefore, according to several doctors, two of which are my sister’s personal doctors, having had covid/delta we now have natural antibodies so the poke is not even necessary. I had no intentions of getting it, regardless.

So that’s our story, as best as I can remember it, and keep in mind this is just our story and it’s not to be perceived as medical advice. I think you will find the video below to be very informative and I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to share your story with me in the comments below. Be blessed.