A warning by an Italian doctor-

Look, I share videos like this because I think every angle needs to be considered. Support for the injection are a dime a dozen, you need only to look to the mainstream media and the mainstream “healthcare” system. Is this woman correct? Of course I have no idea. We shall see. My point has always been that we simply do not know. Not enough time has passed. I also have to consider the expert opinions of doctors who are willing to speak out against the injection. I cannot imagine why they would risk their licenses, reputations, and careers for nothing more than a conspiracy theory. I believe the current world system, the so-called “powers that be” if you will, do not have the best interest of mankind in mind. How many times have we heard the world is overpopulated? Why are they going to such lengths to silence and discredit alternative treatments which have worked and are working? Why is common sense being thrown out the window? It is mind-boggling to me.

All I ask is that everyone consider all possibilities before making decisions about your own health. It has been brought to my attention that Dr Sherri Tenpenny has questionable legitimacy, but take a look at Dr Zelenko. He has been nominated for a Nobel prize for his work surrounding the virus. And he is just one of many doctors who is brave enough to speak out. Let us please return to some common sense and as always sincerely and humbly seek the Lord for wisdom.

Personally, I do not like this injection because of their link to aborted fetal cells. No they do not contain aborted cells, but they were used for proof of concept in both the Pfizer and Moderna and in the development of the Johnson & Johnson. Some people think the level of aborted cells is permissible, but I cannot in good conscience participate in that. Even if you think the abortion issue is not really an issue concerning the injection, at least consider the warnings held within the videos I share. And do not forget the vaers information I have shared. All of this needs to be considered by anyone wanting to exercise a little bit of intellectual integrity. But that’s just my opinion.


Dr. Sherri Tenpenny-It’s Not Shedding, but Transmission

In this video Dr. Tenpenny explains the difference between shedding and transmission. She goes on to explain they still do not know for sure what is being transmitted. Good information worth considering.