ALERT! ALERT! Seismic Activity in La Palma Canary Islands Could Spell Catastrophe

There have been several swarms of earthquakes to hit La Palma in the Canary Islands over the last few days. If the earthquakes are strong enough and timed just right, the Southwest border of the island could slide into the ocean and cause a catastrophic tsunami. The radio show I post below explains that the experts predict it could create a wave of water 100 ft tall that would hit the east coast of America. The video I post says it could mean 40 MILLION people die within 8 hours of the possible landslide. If you live anywhere up and down the East Coast, within 40 miles of the ocean, you need to have supplies ready to evacuate because according to the radio show you would have at most 2 hours to get to safety. I am not trying to be sensational, I am just issuing a warning of something that could happen!

Radio show at this link:

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