Pelosi Launches Disgusting Attack Against Trump Supporters, Refers to Them as a ‘Cult’

This woman needs to retire already. She says Trump supporters are holding America back from ‘moving forward ‘…. If she means from moving forward towards Communism and the destruction of America, then YOU BET WE ARE! We will not just roll over and submit to tyranny. She and her cohorts are liers and murderers, conniving and wicked.

This morning the Lord directed me to read James chapter 5 verses 1 through 6 and as I was reading it Pelosi’s face kept flashing across my mind. The days of the wicked are numbered.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi referred to former President Donald Trump’s legions of supports as members of a “cult” while suggesting they were detrimental to the stability of the country moving forward.

Pelosi, a California Democrat and a lightning rod of controversy for her party, made her remarks ahead of a G7 Speaker’s meeting in Chorley, England.

“Why you say that about what I say about the Republicans is I say to my Republican friends — and I do have some — take back your party, you’re the grand old party of America,” she said.

“You’ve done wonderful things for our country. You’ve now been hijacked by a cult, that is — it is just not good for our country. Take back your party. Do not let it be dominated by those who want to suppress the vote, because they have no positive message to win,” Pelosi continued, before accusing Republicans of trying to “suppress” voting rights.