Dr Carrie Madej- first US lab examines vaccine vials- horrific findings

Dr Carrie was shocked and disturbed to find some specimen under the microscope that had tentacles and appeared to be self-aware!


3 thoughts on “Dr Carrie Madej- first US lab examines vaccine vials- horrific findings

  1. This has been planned for years! Moderna and Pfizer were working on “”vaccines” since 2017, two years before COVID, developed by Fauci and the CCP was released on the world. Global de-population advocate, Bill Gates, applied for a patent for coronavirus in 2015 and was granted November, 2019. There are no coincidences. Killing/injuring adults is bad enough but they want your kids to be sterile or dead so the next generation never happens. All the alphabet health agencies from county, state and Feds are in on it. Safe, effective treatments/preventatives like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are being banned and lied about because it was always about the fake vaccines. The fake PCR test was the bait to gin up the number of infections and create global fear and panic that anyone who was infected was destined to die so the “sheeple” would do anything to avoid this. The Marxist Pravda press was only too eager to comply with spreading the propaganda.

    The former head of the WHO, Dr. Christian Perronne has stated that the vaccinated should be “in quarantine”, are dangerous to others. Unvaccinated are “not dangerous”. Same doctor in an interview on posted on Rumble (Bitchute.com/video) indicates the HCQ Trial was sabotaged: “we had excess mortality in the trial due to completely high doses. I couldn’t imagine ethical committees could give authorisation for this kind of trial with dosages that are very dangerous.” Bitchute.com/video.

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