Doctor fired after prescribing Ivermectin and refusing vaccine

An ICU doctor who spent 18 months fighting the COVID-19 pandemic on the frontlines has been fired for refusing to get vaccinated.

Dr. Mollie James has worked as a trauma and acute care surgeon for 11 years, four of which were spent in St. Louis.

“When the pandemic hit, I just felt a calling to go to New York when they called for volunteers,” she told Citizen Free Press. “So I went there in April of 2020, and I liked being in the midst of it. My purpose for going was to help them out, but also to see what they were doing in real-time and what was the most effective for patients so I could bring that back to the community.”

James has spent the past year and a half traveling between New York and St. Louis, working with critical ICU patients infected with COVID-19 in multiple hospitals.

“I was scared, so I have a lot of empathy for the people who live in fear because we didn’t know,” she said. “About that time, nurses were dying. Doctors were dying. And so I didn’t know what we were getting into.”

James tested positive for COVID-19 in March of last year, which was terrifying for her.

“We had freezer trucks serving as morgues outside my hospital, so it was a very real reminder to wear all of the personal protective gear,” she said.

Thankfully, she managed to beat the virus, and in December of last year, the Senate testimony of Dr. Pierre Kory, a fellow ICU physician, caught her eye.

“He started talking about Ivermectin,” she said. “At the time, I wasn’t familiar with that medication, so I started looking into it and the dosing protocols and the side effects and the downsides to it. We started slowly using it in a few patients, then the pandemic numbers went down, and I didn’t really see a big difference at that time.”

James then did her own research on the drug.

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