Dr. Tenpenny on the spiritual implications of the injections

Mom’s note: In this interview, Dr Tenpenny says Abraham was a descendant of Japheth. That is untrue. Abraham descended from Shem. I don’t know if this was an honest error on her part, or if it was a deliberate misinformation. It needs to be noted, though.


2 thoughts on “Dr. Tenpenny on the spiritual implications of the injections

  1. My name is Kevin Wood (from Texas) and my current employer which I have been employed with for nearly 15 years (hire date 4/23/07) will be terminating me on 1/28/22 for not taking the COVID vaccine. I have submitted a religious exemption letter, which my employer approved. However, they say they can’t accommodate me in my current role, I can look for an alternative role outside of my management role within the company, but I can’t stay in the role I’ve been in for 8 years.  Therefore I face termination. 

    This write up is intended to be brief, I do have an exhaustive timeline and proof of all correspondences through this entire process since 9/1/21.

    I am searching and reaching out for assistance, guidance and HELP concerning this current circumstance I face.

    I look forward to your assistance.

    God bless you and have a great day.

    Kevin Wood (979)480-3139


    1. Mr. Wood,
      I am so sorry about your predicament. I also apologize for any confusion this post may have caused. I am not Dr Tenpenny, I am just a simple stay-at-home mom who shared her information. Have you tried looking up America’s Frontline doctors? They probably will have some resources available for you to take a look at. I will be praying for you. Best wishes. 🙏❤️


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