Faith with Feet

Yes we are saved by faith, but our faith is made evident by what we do. Every single time Jesus healed someone, it was the result of some step that they took. They either sought Him out, reached for the hem of His garment, or completed a task He gave to them. We can make declarations all day long, but if we are not willing to step out in it, is it really faith?

Israel Ends Its Great Vaccine Experiment, Rolls Back Tourist Jab Requirements to Pre-2020 Levels

Israel is scrapping all COVID-19 vaccine requirements for international travelers starting next month, the prime minister’s office announced Sunday.

From March 1 onward, visitors to the Jewish state can enter the country regardless of their vaccination status as long as they take two PCR tests with negative results, according to a statement from Prime Minister Naftali Benett’s office.

Travelers should take one PCR test before departing to Israel and the other after landing in the country, the statement said.