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Who I am is irrelevant. The title of the blog may give you a clue, and is all you need to know about me.

The purpose of this blog is to share current events which relate to Bible prophecy, with a sprinkling of homesteading and homeschooling, and to adamantly declare the glory of God and the soon return of Jesus.

14 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Have been studying Bible prophesy ….many years…..investing in deeper search in All scripture as it is instruction in righteousness as God breathed doctrine …reproof and and correction
    Most recently Dr. Arnold Fructenbaum gives some great distinctions worthy to examine

    Find him online and on YouTube to consider by giving him a listen while using your Bible of course

    Thanks for another site to view and consider

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    1. KP. Good advise. My prior church supports Arnold Fruchtenbaum. He has spoken several times there. I have copies of some of his manuscripts and his revised Footsteps of the Messiah book, after devouring his original for years. Jan Markel knows him but won’t advertise his products.


      1. Hi John,
        I don’t know how long ago it was that I wrote that to you but it has been some years now . It is great to hear from you.
        I continue to study the word and presently have been delving deeper into Pauline mid Acts Dispensational study of the gospel according to the mystery in Paul’s 13 epistles which is distinct from the gospel of the earthly kingdom of the fulfillment of prophesy.

        I have found the teaching of Grace Ambassadors to be excellent in further understanding of this important division of the scriptures . The main teacher found online and on YouTube is Justin Johnson .

        The chart lessons are very helpful to get the overview of the Bible

        I am thankful to continue to learn daily as it is the edification of the church of the Body and help to practically walk in truth

        Enjoy the word of life in Jesus Christ


  2. Wow, this is a very powerful site. “May you live in interesting times” is a Chinese curse I’m told. Ive lived my life knowing I may see the end, and have always looked for it. I grew up in an end times pentecostal church and was influenced by the teaching. The one thing they never taught was how to live in a world on the edge of such calamity. Telling others about the truth of Jesus Christ was the beginning and end. I agree but, there are so many other issues to deal with aren’t there? The church seems lost, at least the ones Ive been a part of recently. There are so many day to day details that no one wants to talk about. I know that in the end faith in Christ will pull one through, but it seems to me that the “devil is in the details” also holds true. I write a blog (papersunderarock.com) to try and tease others to the truth of life, but it doesn’t seem enough. I think in the end there will be so much to do, wish there was more that one could do to be prepared.


  3. Amen Anthony

    Prophesy fulfilled and being fulfilled encourages believers

    Those yet to hear and heed need a heart prepared….as Matt 5 describes

    Thank you for the site and comments

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  4. I am looking up 🙂 Unfortunately, even though the trumpet could sound today, many will go out into eternity in the next hour, their number up. Many don’t believe in the Second Coming, and that’s OK; they’re belief doesn’t change God’s timetable. However, I just wish more would understand that even if the Rapture didn’t take place for another 100 years, most alive today would not be around to witness it. I wish more people would understand that the “end of the world” could yet be a long way off, but death could be around the corner.


  5. Just my 2 cents worth about Why I know the bible is true. I was raised in a Baptist church; saved at 13; by age 20 I was questioning my salvation and wasn’t sure if the bible was true. Well, several years living in doubt turned into a life of fear & misery because I had no assurance of salvation. When I finally figured out that I needed to turn to God to show me the truth I opened a bible to John 1, asked God to show me the truth, and started to read. By the time I got to John 1:14 my doubts were gone; by the time I read through John 6:37 God showed me the true grounds for having my salvation sure and peace with Him. Before I finished reading John chapter 1 I knew without any doubt that the bible is true and that God is real and that Jesus is God.
    I don’t need any more proof that the bible is true than that truth which God himself revealed to me that day, over 40 years ago.


    1. Thank you Mr. Johnson for sharing your wonderful story. Yes, our personal experiences with God is the primary assurance/proof. Seeing Him work in our lives brings a comfort and peace that is indescribable.


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