“Who Really Controls the Middle East?” on YouTube

Please keep my Mom in your prayers. She has aortic stenosis and was scheduled for a heart Cath on Tuesday, but after a few scares this weekend, she has now been admitted to hospital and will get the cath tomorrow. Her anxiety level is out the roof. Also pray for my dad as he is staying with her (she hasn’t wanted to be left alone for weeks now) and tries to comfort and encourage her. Thanks

A new blog

I have been managing this blog for 5 years now. Boy have I learned so much! I will continue to Look Up until I see His face, but for now it is time to step away from this particular blog. I may still share things from time to time, but for now my blogging focus is taking a turn.

Please join me on my brand new blog at http://www.amomwritenow.wordpress.com This is my new blog where I will be writing whatever comes to mind, for the sake of my own mental clarity.

Thanks for your loyalty over the years and come say hi at the new place.