I’m baaackkk…please FOLLOW

My Facebook account was completely hijacked. It was not just hacked, it was completely taken over. They even changed the email attached to it and I cannot get into it. It’s gone. I was able to go on a friend’s page and look my old self up and save sentimental photos that I had saved there. Because they took over my personal account, they also gained access to this blog’s page on Facebook. I was able to become an admin to a mom looking up on Facebook because my husband was already one and they did not bother to delete him. However they still have access to that page as well. So that page will probably just sit there.

I do have a new Facebook account which is going to be a public account with a business slant. I will not post anything of a very personal nature there, but I will continue to share pertinent prophecies and biblical content. So, if you would please FOLLOW me there, you do not have to friend me, but if you would FOLLOW me that would help me out a great deal. AND PLEASE SHARE IT WITH FRIENDS SO THAT I CAN BUILD UP AN AUDIENCE.

I know I haven’t been on here much lately but the Lord has been taking me on a journey and I am considering the hijacking of my old account as the beginning of a fresh start, one that is less about me and more about drawing attention to Him.