“STUNNER: New Data from Walgreens Reveals Unvaccinated Have the Lowest Positivity Rate for COVID — Triple and Double Vaxxed Groups Have the Worst Rate”

Those with three doses, with their last dose taken over five months ago have the highest COVID rate at 31.3%.


2K Donkey-Horse Hybrids

I feel ridiculous having to give the title that I have given but here lately it seems my posts have been censored. I’m trying to avoid obvious hashtags that may hinder people from seeing this. You can see this docu several places and I’ve provided below just one of them. It is not a channel that I follow, someone else shared it with me. Anyway, the evidence presented seems very compelling and the fact that Fox News and Newsmax do not want to cover it seems very telling.

Dr. Malone-“A Concerning AIDS-Like Syndrome Seen in the Vaccinated”

He mentions an increase in fatigue among the vaxxed/boosted that seems to get worse with every booster. I know a few vaccinated people, and some who have received all of their boosters, and they have complained about chronic fatigue.