“The Person Behind the Viral Tom Cruise Deepfake | Super Users”

To me this is proof of how we can’t even be sure of what we see anymore, especially on any type of screen. In certain circumstances, they can probably fool us even in person. This is why it is imperative we operate in the Lord’s discernment and wisdom. He alone is truth and will point us to all truth and righteousness.

“I Heard God’s Warning to America | Perry Stone”

I read within the comments of the video below someone say they were just thinking about this, so to them the video is confirmation. I, too, was calling out to God just last night about this very truth concerning America. Call it irony, or whatever, but the truth is America has become a land of deceit and unbalanced scales. It is extremely difficult to know what is true about any of today’s hot topics, whether it’s the election, the vaccine, or the virus. On top of all that, we need to be on guard against false prophets and wolves in sheep’s clothing.

It is IMPERATIVE we seek the Lord, His Counsel, be in the Word, and ask for discernment. They are trying to snuff out the light but we need to shine brighter than we ever have, being sure to keep our lamps full, until He comes.

EDIT TO ADD this screenshot from ntd.com. Notice the scales.