Homestead Update Pics

Our wildflower patch aka bee refuge.
We purchased a bushel of green beans from a local farm. This bushel canned 34 quarts.
Indian corn and onions
Growing some tobacco for nostalgia sake, also Hubs wants our son to learn how to harvest it. Tobacco was a major cash crop for both our families growing up.
Hubs’ found these arrowheads in a tobacco patch across the road from us on July 4th 2022. To say he was excited would be an understatement.

A prayer of Thanksgiving

Lord, I am overwhelmed and deeply humbled at Your gracious loving kindness. Your mercies are new every morning. I thank You for bringing my family through their terrible bout of illness and I thank you for Your protection over Joey, the kids, and me. I thank you that although I received a bit of the sickness, Your Holy Spirit had prepared me for it months in advance by leading me to build up the already amazing immune system which You have given me, and therefore my illness was mild and short lived. I do not know why I was spared when so many are not, except to glorify You in the ability to assist my loved ones in their time of need. Your ways far surpass our own and I thank you for being holy and just. I thank You for Your promises, and I know that every situation can be used for Your glory and for our good, for all of those who love You and call upon You and seek Your face. In the precious and mighty name of Jesus I praise You, Amen.