COVID-19 No Vaccine Needed, There Is Already A Cure – NewsBlaze News

This article says a doctor in TX has been treating COVID patients with an inexpensive asthma medication with 100% positive results! Other countries in Asia have been using it too, such as Japan and Singapore, with fantastic results.

So why are they ignoring it and continuing to push for a vaccine? We can surmise why, can’t we?

COVID Numbers Explained

I understand people are afraid. I have family members that are terrified. People who once tsk-tsked me for homeschooling have now decided to keep their kids home for the 2020-21 school year, out of anxiety over COVID. I sympathize with them, but their fears are completely unwarranted. The MSM and politicians have created a sort of mass hysteria.

Here is yet ANOTHER doctor trying to put this virus into perspective. May those who have ears, hear. ❤️


The doctor in the video isn’t the only doctor making these claims. If what these doctors say is true, and since their medical licenses are at stake I believe it is, then we Americans should be outraged and demanding that COVID-19 patients and their families at least try the drug hydroxychloroquine. Instead, they claim the drug is unproven, which according to numerous doctors as well as the entire country of India, is simply untrue. They keep pushing that falsehood, though, because daggonit, they will make sure we get their vaccine. Who knows what will be in that.

When are we going to stop depending on the government to do what is best for us? When did Americans lose their common sense and independent thought? There is indeed a coup hell-bent *and hell-inspired I might add* on destroying America so as to make room for a global government. AMERICANS: PLEASE START USING THE BRAIN GOD GAVE YOU and CHRISTIANS: PLEASE QUIT FLIRTING WITH THE WORLD AND GET SERIOUS. We are not long in this world. Let’s get busy!