Add A Little Type A To Your Carrots

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beautiful fall carrots Add a Little Type A To Your Carrots  I walk out into my overgrown dead garden and the sky is almost dark at 5:30 pm.  There is still dinner to be made. What could I possibly gather in this desolate space for dinner. Out among the brown foliage I see beautiful waving […]

Add A Little Type A To Your Carrots

Dr. Stella defies globalists- offers Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine

In this interview Dr Stella reports that scientists are baffled as to why the covid cases are so low among Africans. I find this interesting because I have a dear friend who lives in Kenya and he reported to me months ago that scientists could not figure out why covid was not as harmful to Africans. Dr Stella says it is because hydroxychloroquine is sold over the counter there, it is readily available. The way she talks it sounds like it is just a common go-to medication. Isn’t it infuriating that Americans are having such a difficult time getting a hold of it? What does that tell us?

Craig Hagin- No Fear-Reawaken America

The following video is an excerpt from the Reawaken America tour that just took place in San Antonio, Texas. The speaker is Craig Hagin. He reminds us that God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. This is a message we need to be reminded of often, during a time that is so chaotic and so tumultuous.

You can view the entire first day of the conference, including all of the day’s speakers, HERE.