Homestead Update Pics

Our wildflower patch aka bee refuge.
We purchased a bushel of green beans from a local farm. This bushel canned 34 quarts.
Indian corn and onions
Growing some tobacco for nostalgia sake, also Hubs wants our son to learn how to harvest it. Tobacco was a major cash crop for both our families growing up.
Hubs’ found these arrowheads in a tobacco patch across the road from us on July 4th 2022. To say he was excited would be an understatement.

Add A Little Type A To Your Carrots

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beautiful fall carrots Add a Little Type A To Your Carrots  I walk out into my overgrown dead garden and the sky is almost dark at 5:30 pm.  There is still dinner to be made. What could I possibly gather in this desolate space for dinner. Out among the brown foliage I see beautiful waving […]

Add A Little Type A To Your Carrots

“Bible Basics Homeschool Course” Sonny Childs

My son and I started this course this week. I know brother Sonny personally, and while we may not agree on everything, I consider him a dear friend and a mentor. There are 5 days worth of lessons in one video, which are released on Mondays. Day 5 is an optional quiz. This is where brother Sonny really shines, teaching the Bible to kids. My son, who is almost 12, seemed to really enjoy it and he was able to quickly remember the Bible verses and answer the test prep questions.

Mom’s Journal 6/18/21

I know I have not posted much this year, that’s because I feel the Lord is telling me to be quiet for a while. I am spending more time with Him, both in prayer and the Word.

I find it increasingly difficult to share news articles because I honestly don’t believe most of it. I have absolutely no faith in the MSM except to know that, whether left or right, an agenda is being pushed. I still believe what I have always addressed here, that being we are in the last moments of the age of grace before the rapture and the tribulation. That being said, I truly believe we are going to see one last great move of the Holy Spirit before we are taken out of here. The world has been lied to for decades, if not longer, and we have reached a time in our history when many people doubt anything they see or hear. It is my prayer that the veil of deception is lifted, if even for a moment, so people can see clearly the choice that is laid before them.

Meanwhile, I continue as a mom and wife and, for what it’s worth, I want to document here just some simple things that has been going on around my homestead and family.

Last Sunday, June 13th, was youth day at our church. This is when the youth conducted the service. My son led the congregation in singing, in a Bible reading, and in prayer. To say I felt proud and blessed would be an understatement.

Wednesday night my sister and I took my son and niece to the county fair.

My boy also attended his first golf camp. He loved it.

And he’s learning to earn his own money…..

To close out I’ll leave with some pictures of my roses 😊

Oh, and here is today’s collection:

Thank you Lord for your generous provision. Your mercies are new everyday and your faithfulness endures forever.