“Religion-Free” Bible?

New “Religion-Free” Bible version strips Christianity

Photo via RFB

Photo via RFB

We’ve told you about the Queen James homosexual-friendly Bible, The Leftist Green Bible, and the newly-released New Apostolic Reformation (Dominionism/signs and wonders) “The Passion Translation,” all of which make Eugene Peterson’s The Message mess seem nearly orthodox. How about a Bible that tells readers they don’t need to worry about all that sin and repentance stuff, because Jesus just wants you to love?  Read More

Impact of the New Age

We are still dealing with the ick around here, but I want to share with you this very interesting video on “The Impact of the New Age”. Remember it is VITAL to test all things by the Word of God. If they do not line up with what God says, flee from it for it is a false teaching.